Defensive Bastion
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Defensive Bastion

Defensive bastion is consist of heavy duty welded wire mesh panels. It is used as a temporary to semi permanent dike or barrier against blast or smail. It can protection personnel, property or environment.
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  • QG Mil1-Mil12, Mil19

Product Description

We (Qiangguan Company) are supplying lots of defensive bastion to many countries every year, which includes Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kenya, even taking part in some UN projects. The durable structure, corrosion resistance, and heavy-duty material make our clients satisfied with our quality.

It is a very strong and stable metal structure composed of many small cages. The raw material is black iron wire, hot-dip galvanized wire or zinc aluminum alloy wire. When the welding is completed, we use spring wires to connect them one by one to form cages of different sizes. And then connect the cage to the cage with a hook. After completing this basic structure, our workers will nail geotextiles inside. When you receive the defensive bastion and assemble is completed, the sand can be put in. Even if it is broken by shot, it will not be damaged, you can just replace a small part.

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