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chicken wire netting

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Chicken Wire Netting

Our chicken wire netting, also called hexagonal wire mesh, it is extensive. 

The decorative chicken wire mesh is wide enough and can hold the largest net, 

but it can be integrated with the environment and is almost invisible.

For large-scale flower arrangements, the galvanized chicken wire is a good choice. 

Hexagonal chicken wire is an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to common  foam. 

The chicken wire is recycled and reusable. Fresh flowers can easily absorb water in the ground. 

The plastic coated hexagonal chicken wire netting is one of our most popular flower arrangement products, 

because it blends with the flowers and will not affect the overall display.

Chicken wire mesh rolls are used more ofthen in livestock enclosure, like poultry and rabbit keeping. 

Some people also use them to make fishing net, it is more effective and economic.

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