What is welded wire mesh
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What is welded wire mesh

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Welded wire mesh is a very common and widely used wire mesh. Its raw material can be black iron wire, galvanized wire or zinc-aluminum alloy wire. 

We can also add a layer of plastic to the surface to isolate air and water and further improve its corrosion resistance. 

Of course, in use, it is necessary to prevent the plastic layer from being scratched.

When used as a fence, a thinner mesh with a smaller hole is usually used, which is light and easy to install.

Below specification of welded wire mesh are recommond sizes when used for animal enclosure:

1. Light BWG16 wire: used for fences for puppies, aviaries for birds, and temporary garden fences.

2. Medium BWG14: Stop the fox, prevent the chickens from escaping, and form a fence for small and medium-sized dogs.

3. Heavy BWG12: strong mesh. Suitable for large and medium-sized dogs and dog running in border fences.

4. Extra heavy BWG10: Very strong mesh, suitable for borders, large dog fences and safety fences.


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