Strength of the gabion mesh
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Strength of the gabion mesh

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Strength of the gabion mesh

5.1 When installed in accordance with our installation guide, the product has sufficient strength to resist all loads related to handling, positioning and filling.

5.2 For soil reinforcement applications, the declared tensile strength of the gabion mesh is based on: BS EN 10223-3: 2013.

5.3 The gabion mesh is permeable. Usually, the hydrostatic pressure is not allowed to increase. The surrounding soil structure of the gabion mesh usually cannot withstand hydrostatic pressure.

5.4 Where viscous materials (such as clay) are retained, the flow of water may cause them to penetrate into the gabion mesh structure and prevent water from passing through. In order to reduce the risk of accumulating hydrostatic pressure under these conditions, it may be necessary to provide an additional layer of particles behind the gabion mesh structure to allow water loss.

5.5 For slope stability applications, a single wire rope can also use a hexagonal double twisted net, play the role of increasing the strength of the stable design. We can appropriate solutions to optimize product performance.


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