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Rabbit netting

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The rabbit netting is an addition to the garden fence. Not only can it allow your pet to stay inside safely, but it can also prevent rabbits, foxes and other animals which may hurt your pets from entering.

If you have a vegetable field or garden, it is particularly important to choose rabbit netting as an additional protection.

The rabbit netting is installed together with the posts. The hexagonal wire mesh is transparent and will not give people a feeling of being blocked like a panel. This makes posts and wire mesh fences particularly popular in rural gardens, because they blend in with the surrounding environment from a distance, as if invisible.


The rabbit net can be installed with the existing fence, in this case, no additional post is needed. If there is no exsisting fence, then additional posts are needed to support the rabbit netting. We can provide posts with metal pipes, or you can get materials on site and use easily available wood as posts. At the beginning and end of the fence, as well as at the corners, thicker posts and structs are needed to make the netting stronger.

There are two ways to ensure that the rabbit does not get under the fence. One is to fold a rabbit netting of at least 150 mm on the ground on the side of the fence where rabbits are known to live, or to dig a 300 mm trench to bury the net deep into the ditch.


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