Factory supply 400m heavy zinc coated barbed wire price
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Factory supply 400m heavy zinc coated barbed wire price

Barbed wire is a kind of modern security fence material. Feature Can install at the top of the wall Against corrosion and oxidation Widely used, railway boundary isolation protection etc Popular specification BWG12x BWG14 Double strand Traditional twisted
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Product Description

Barbed wire with one line wire often attached onto various wire mesh fence as high security fence barrier for airport, prison, farm, highway fencing.

Barbed wire  is a new kind of protective fencing with such advantages as beautiful appearance, economical cost, practicality and convenient construction. It plays the role of protection in mines, gardens and apartments, frontier, defence,and enclosure of prisons.


Two type of barbed wire:

Single twisted barbed wire

Double twisted barbed wire


Weaving method:

Traditional twisted ( IOWA)

Reverse twisted (MOTTO)

Specification Sheet


Wire gauge

Barb distance (mm)

Barb length ( mm)


Electro galvanized
Hot dipped galvanized


10#x 12#




     7.5- 15





12#x 12#

14#x 12#

14#x 14#

16#x 14#

16#x 16#

PVC coated barbed wire
PE coated barbed wire

Before coating

After coating


     7.5- 15



1.6- 3.5mm

2.0- 4.0mm



PVC/ PE coating thickness 0.4-0.6mm


工程图1       工程图2



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