64*21*26cm Trapping Squirrel Rat Cage
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64*21*26cm Trapping Squirrel Rat Cage

64*21*26cm trapping squirrel rat cage * Smoothed internal edges protect and prevent injuries to animals. * Built to last - Made of sturdy galvanized steel for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion. * Space-Saving - Collapsible design, easy to fold flat and storage, saves 75% of space. * Each trap features a carrying handle ensure won't come in contact with the animal inside.
  • 64*21*26 cm
  • Qiangguan
  • 64*21*26 cm

Product Description

Trapping Squirrel Rat Cage
All size
64*21*26cm, 64*19*26cm ,79*28*33cm
Target Animals for Trapping
* Armadillo (Omnivorous animal)
* Raccoon (Carnivorous animal)
* Stray Cat (Carnivorous animal)
* Rabbit (Herbivorous animal)
* Opossum (Omnivorous animal)
* Groundhogs (Herbivorous animal)
Surface galvanized treatment, not easy to rust Made of strong iron wire, durable Sensitive mechanism Door design for easy release
of animals

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